Black in Deep Tech Summit

BVCC and DCVC launched the BDTS initiative with a MISSION to build a robust startup ecosystem within the Black STEM community by bringing 3 groups together:

  • Group 1 – Black STEM community
  • Group 2 – Venture Capital firms
  • Group 3 – Deep tech companies

Black STEM Community

Hundreds of Black prominent professors, scientists, engineers, professionals, and entrepreneurs in deep tech along with postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students in the math sciences, physical sciences, energy sciences, and life sciences have attended BDTS.

Deep Tech Companies



Agility Robotics

Capella Space

Reach Labs

Diverse BOD Initiative

A. Description – Create pipeline of Black BOD candidates and a pool of BOD seats at startups

B. Status update

                        DCVC identifying BOD seats at portfolio companies that will be available in 2021 and 2022

                        BVCC reviewing UC Berkeley, Stanford, Wharton and Goldman BOD preparation programs

                        BVCC and BDTS Leadership Council identifying potential BOD candidates

C. BVCC’s collaboration request of DCVC

                        DCVC person to map out BOD seats that are/will be available in 2021 and 2022

                        M&M and DCVC need to make the following decisions:

                                    create a BOD boot camp or send cohort members to existing BOD programs

                                    select partner between UC Berkeley, Stanford, Wharton and Goldman

                                    determine budget for Diverse BOD initiative

D. Create database of potential BOD seats available at DCVC’s portfolio companies (DCVC)

                        In 2021 and 2022

                        Rolling two years thereafter

E. Create database of potential BOD candidates (BVCC and BDTS Leadership Council)

                        Black STEM community


                        Wall street and consultants

                        Goldman BOD database

F. Develop/implement remote BOD boot camp for diverse BOD members

                        Request boot camp cohort read: “Boards that lead”

                        8-week curriculum (2-hour weekly sessions)

                                    BOD overview – Role of BOD, committees, time commitment, BOD compensation, Private BOD vs Public BOD, D&O insurance, confidentiality, conflicts

                                    Startup life cycle overview (Team, Product, Sales)

                                    Fundraising and dilution

                                    Exits – M&A and IPOs

                                    Strategy vs Tactical perspective/advice

                                    CEO compensation packages

                                    Financial statements overview

                                    Audit process overview