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DCVC and the Black Venture Capital Consortium (BVCC) have teamed up to highlight Deep Tech in the Black STEM community. Providing resources, support and opportunities, the firms hope to help the next generation of Deep Tech entrepreneurs better understand Deep Tech and connect with other founders, technical talent and venture capitalists to make connections and gain new insight.

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The Summit Council

Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson


Merline Saintil


Dr. Bill Massey


Dr. Bill Wilson


DR. Moses Asom

Summit Council Chairman

Past Event: Space Science Summit -June 10th 2021

Space Tech Investment Discussion

This event will provide new insight into the space industry, highlighting the most interesting technology across many different company stages.

Guest Speakers

NASA Astronaut and retired Air Force Colonel Yvonne Cagle, and DCVC Partner and Former Nasa AMES Space Mission Architect Chris Boshuizen will be joined by entrepreneurs from across the space industry.

Case Studies

An in-depth look at Space Tech startup companies and the challenges they face along with how to solve them.

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